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The Fence is the result of a collaborative effort between writer Erin Haugh and artist Colleen Rudolf.

A charming story of friendship and difference, The Fence was written by Erin Haugh of Redlands, CA and illustrated by Colleen Rudolf of Philadelphia, PA. Featuring illustrations of dogs that Colleen met while volunteering at animal shelters in Philadelphia, as well as her own dogs, the story inspires us to overcome our fears of rejection and reach out to others, no matter their packaging.



Erin Haugh is a Professor of Public Health and Yoga Practice at California State University, San Bernardino. She is mother to a two-legged toddler and a four-legged Labrador Retriever. The Fence is her first children's book.

Colleen Rudolf is an artist based out Philadelphia with a special care for wildlife conservation and the humane treatment of our pet companions. The two are cousins and the Fence is their first collaboration.

The Fence (softcover) is available through Shakespeare and Co. for those local to NYC and through Colleen's online shop.

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